Viña del Fundo

It is located in Maule Valley, well known region for the quality of their wines.

Maule Valley is one of the oldest and more attractive Wine Region of Chile. It is dry and sunny and its annual precipitation is scarcely 28 inches and their nights could be very cold. As a result, their grapes have a long period of growth, making possible an excellent maturity and concentration.

Maule climate is influenced by the Pacific Ocean, but the region depends also on another course of water: the Maule River that runs from north to south of the Valley starting in Laguna del Maule between Argentina and the Pacific Ocean.

The vineyards of Viña del Fundo, in the heart of the Maule Valley, allow Cassone Family to produce wines exclusively from their vineyards of more than 80 years old with a production of 4,000 kg. per hectare that allow to produce wines with personality and exceptional characteristics.

Viña del Fundo is one of the few wineries situated in that terroir of Chile. All of the red grapes from the Viña del Fundo come exclusively from the Maule region. The varieties used are Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc